Death For Dinner ™

Death For Dinner You're invited to a dinner party with featured guest motivational speaker, Cliff Worthington. However, Cliff's confident façade seems shaken every time smarmy Jonathan Bosco mentions Cliff's father. Enter the beautiful, scheming Tara Lindt. She's after every man in the room, so why is she so concerned with Jonathan's activities? Suddenly, we notice the maintenance man, C.J. Hammer. He should have finished the job of fixing the electrical outlets hours ago, so what is he doing at the party tonight? As C.J. casually chats with dinner guests, there's one person in the room that he purposely avoids: Susan Snu, the event planner. Granted, she's irritating, but there's more to this hatred than meets the eye. The evening continues, events take a turn and soon you are solving the crime of your life! This is an Interactive Comedy, Crime-Solving ride that you won't want to miss.

With Death For Dinner ™, we customize the evening to you, taking specific details (names, jobs, slogans, etc.) about your company or group and interspersing them into your mystery to fulfill your expectations for maximum hilarity!

Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?

Your presence is requested at the reading of the will for the recently deceased, multi-billionaire, Senior Meene. First in line for the bulk of the estate, seems to be his only child, Junior Meene. What about Miss Finch, the young wife grieving widow or devious gold digger? Also in attendance are Professor Prune, scientific genius and distinguished allergist; Colonel Dippinsaus, noted adventurer and bon vivant and Mrs. Off-White, domestic servant and accredited psychic. Super Pollen, secret identities and torrid love triangles all contribute to this evenings suspense, mystery and dare we say murder!


Murder in Dead Man's Gulch


The setting is "Dead Man's Gulch". Buckhorn Bob, "the greatest promoter of all times", is hosting his fund-raiser-talent-search at "Lilly Rose's Saloon and Dance Hall"—and you can bet that spells E-X-C-I-T-E-M-E-N-T! In addition to Buckhorn Bob and the infamous, Lilly Rose—keep your eyes peeled for Molly Brown, the notorious Soapy Smith and Ol' Geezer the miner! Tempers are wearing thin and anything can happen!

  • We Come To Your Event OR Can Arrange Your Entire Dinner & Mystery Package!
  • Five Hilarious Actors bring you the comedy crime solving!
  • 2½ to 3 Fun-Filled Hours of On-Going Entertainment!
  • Team Building and Interaction at its Funniest!

Role Playing Mysteries

Do you have a group of people who love our Comedy Mysteries and would like to get a little more involved in the action? Our one-of-a-kind Role Playing Mysteries are perfect for you and your group! Adams Mystery Playhouse now gives you the opportunity to create a crime, solve a crime and become someone else while doing it. Our Role Playing Mysteries are designed so that every member of your group may take an active role, and play a character in the evening's festivities, to fulfill your expectations for non-stop fun and zaniness. It's the perfect entertainment for your next intimate group gathering or corporate event.

How Does It Work?
We send you brief character descriptions and costume suggestions (we can also provide FULL costumes — for an additional charge) for each guest. Upon entering the room everyone becomes a suspect. One to three of our finest professional actors comes to you to facilitate the entire mystery event, and help guide the mayhem, discover clues and keep the action rolling. Your group will solve the crime and figure out WHODUNIT! With all these unsavory characters in one room. Anything can happen!


    • Who's Got a Clue?
    • Murder on the Gold Dust Trail!
    • Death For Dinner

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